By divine decree, God thoughout the ages chooses human beings to accomplish His Will. Sheikh Aly N’Daw is one of these beings.

It is also by the same decree that God has called back His servant on last February 17th, this Being of Light who has tirelessly called people to God, in line with the teachings of his Master Sheikh Abdoulaye Dieye who used to say:

“When we have God consciousness, it always leads us to social action.”

It is the path taken by all the Prophets, it is the path taken by the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), as they all gave a social dimension to their mission.

Sheikh Aly N’Daw has purely imitated the Prophetic model through the Initiatory Chain of Spiritual Masters of the International Sufi School Khidmatul Khadim.

All his actions have been in conformity with those of his predecessors. His divine aim was to free people of the conditioning of a social order that is based on the love of power. He thus created an alternative social model to gradually bring them to what God proposes through the power of Love.

And to enable his disciples to experience this Love of God, his organisation of all the Daaras (Schools) was focused on education based on divine non-violence and service to humanity according to the prophetic model.

It is impossible to mention in this tribute the multitude of actions that our Master Sheikh Aly NDAW has realised to make visible his Love of God and his love for humanity.

Sheikh Aly N’Daw set up many economic initiatives with only one aim: to train beings of consciousness, devoted beings who are creators of solidarity and sharing, and who embody the virtues of patience and infinite Love.

Sheikh Aly N’Daw was himself an example and a model of what he sought to teach us. He wanted to inculcate in his companions the virtue of conscious effort and the spiritual value of work as service realised in divine consciousness. All his actions in Senegal and throughout the world are indeed acts of pure devotion as his sole purpose was to serve the human being.

May God Almighty open all the Doors of Paradise to he who has devoted his life to put in place just and pure actions, always in a spirit of joy. He said:

“You find the joy of faith in the work that you carry out. Your action will be equivalent to our faith. A faith that does not lead you to action is no faith at all.”

Such a faith makes the Man of God eternal. He knows no death but is ever-alive because he has passed on to his companions the flame of the message for them to carry on his legacy. May Allah sanctify his mystery. May Allah elevate him beyond all his hopes. May the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba (ra) be his companions in the hereafter.