The Tambacounda experience has led the Sheikh to extend the blessings of O’Peace water project in the arid land of Kedougou, a region close to the Malian borders. Kedougou is a region of Senegal created in 2008, which was formerly a department in the region of Tambacounda.

As in Tambacounda, temperatures in Kedougou can reach extreme levels, particularly in the summer, increasing the needs and demand of the local population for ice and cold water at affordable prices – which is not always readily available.

After the first strokes in mid 2020, a perfect water well circumference has taken shape : a work of art ! Since this year, the water plant works are underway : the water filters have been installed, following which the ice making station has been set up.

A power generator has recently been installed in March 2021 to pursue the activities smoothly. After proper calibration of the ice machine, the first ice slabs have been produced !

Soon, Ecopaix’s O’Peace water project which began in Tambacounda will be ready to offer double-filtered pure water and ice to the local population at prices that even those with low incomes can comfortably afford.

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