The approach of the International Sufi School of Peace & Service is geared towards restoring peace at all levels of society by harmonising all human dimensions and faculties: physical, mental, psychological, emotional and spiritual.

Taking this approach, Sheikh Aly N’Daw and his committed students have taken action to manifest this reality and set up a number of initiatives to remind people the world over that there is only one religion, and that is the religion of the human being. By placing the human being at the centre of all of these projects, it is a reminder to all that the awakening of human consciousness can truly change the world.

The headquarters of the School are based in the village of Pout, in Senegal – a base for many of the School’s projects and a focal point for followers from all over the world to experience their beliefs at a practical level.

The International Sufi School’s projects currently include the following:

  • Pout Peace Village
  • EcoPeace
  • O’Peace Water Projects
  • The University of Non-Violence