Welcome to the International Sufi School, the school of Peace and Service

International Sufi School, the School of the heart.

The International Sufi School is an organisation founded on the principles of love, peace, service and nonviolence in order to bring about positive change in our world.

We are committed to the ideal of peace; acting locally, through the teachings of consciousness, to achieve change globally through various socio-economic projects and endeavours.

The International Sufi School, founded by Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba, is the school of Peace and Service sharing teachings that place the human being at the centre.

The School takes you on a journey into the inner self where the focus is placed upon the heart, spirit and soul, and invites you to know, understand, develop and live on the path of consciousness in order to become a realised being who can then help others, and better serve humanity.

The School’s mission embodies all of the above and more, inviting human beings the world over to take the path of consciousness into the centre of our being. As well as embodying and living the teachings of the venerated Master Sheikh Aly N’Daw – the most recent leader of the School – the School’s work expands into the outer world through various social and economic projects, events and more, to help bring about social change.

This is a school where we work on transforming our inner worlds in order to transform our outer world, together.