Sheikh Aly N’Daw’s teachings are an embodiment of Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba’s message: to serve humanity in accordance with the Prophetic Model.

Sheikh Aly places great importance on healing and liberating ourselves from all the conditioning thrust upon us from the moment we are born, and truly embracing inner transformation in order to achieve outer change. His teachings don’t stop there however, as he also emphasises how to become the change we wish to see by taking action through non-violent methods and practices.

He always refers to the lives of those whom he calls the ‘Peacemakers’ as examples in which to follow; those people throughout history who achieved real transformation, revolution, change and peace in society through the process of liberating themselves first. He places massive importance on studying the lives of Peacemakers such as Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela and many others, and implementing their example into our own lives. 

His timeless teachings can be summed up in the following main categories. Please click to read more: