Liberation Therapy

Liberation Therapy is a self-development method and a written book available in English and French, which builds and expands on Part 1 of The Initiatory Way to Peace, ‘Conditioning to Consciousness’.

These life-changing teachings help us to evaluate ourselves and our lives in the present moment, helping us to see how lived experiences throughout our childhood continue to influence our adult life today.

By helping us to become aware of our emotions and experiences from childhood, the teachings shine a light on the experiences we consciously and subconsciously try to avoid in our present day, yet somehow keep attracting into our personal experience. Without healing our past traumas, childhood conditionings and experiences, we cannot become emotionally free nor can we live consciously. Liberation Therapy guides us through the process of how to do this in order to live a more self-aware, peaceful and happier life driven with a sense of inner purpose.

Explaining this therapy in his own words, the initiator of Liberation Therapy said:

“The therapy of liberation is a way to help people, through the experience they have had, to find their way back to God. The focus is on the transformation, not the elimination, of any aspect of the personality. The question is how to transform.

It is based upon our very own life experiences and comes through the exercise of forgiving, as opposed to judging and finding fault. This is the transformation that God refers to in the Qur’an, when again and again, he invites us to pardon.

When you look closely, you see that whatever teaching God is giving in the Qur’an, at the end of it all, He comes back to this idea of forgiveness.

The aim of this work is to help people grasp the idea that they can transform themselves. Whatever is happening, it can be controlled and must be transformed.”

Sheikh Aly N’DAW

The Liberation Therapy is also available as a book to help those who wish to find their true Self, free from the shackles of societal and relational conditioning. Get or request your paperback or e-book copy now!