The Initiatory Way to Peace

With a global vision of peace and love for the world, Sheikh Aly N’Daw’s call to humanity is for each individual to liberate and heal themselves in order to be of benefit to the whole of humankind. 

Created by Sheikh Aly, The Initiatory Way to Peace is a revolutionary method which outlines step-by-step through a 12-stage process on how exactly to achieve that, leaving no stone unturned on the path to personal liberation in order to become free and of service to humanity.

In the book, The Initiatory Way to Peace, the 12 stages are introduced to us in three parts.

In Part 1, Conditioning to Consciousness, we are introduced to the first two steps:

  • The Historical Legacy, and
  • The Family Legacy

Sheikh Aly diagnoses the origins of the dysfunctions in our societies and discusses these two heavy legacies that each individual bears. He teaches how each of these legacies impacts us from the very moment we enter this world and how we carry these conditionings around with us until we choose to consciously become aware of them, and go through the process of transforming them.

In Part 2, Seeing Reality in Consciousness, a solution is proposed to overcoming the historical and family legacy, which is that of creative action to bring about change. This section covers the next seven steps which are:

  • Action and Reaction
  • Intelligence of the Real
  • The Power of Thought
  • Beyond Sorrow, Anger and Fear
  • Beyond the Superiority and Inferiority Complex
  • Beyond Competition, Towards Co-operation
  • Forgiveness

This crucial part of the methodology sets out the various aspects of the work on the self which begin to set us free from restrictions and limitations that have been imposed upon us through social conditioning. This vital work which helps to set the individual free, leads on to the ideal goal of such a liberating journey, taking us to the final part: The Realisation of the Peacemaker

In Part 3, the Realisation of the Peacemaker, the final three steps are explained:

  • Economy of Peace
  • Democracy of Peace, and
  • Service to Humanity

This section lays out a vision of society where the world revolves around service to humanity. Sheikh Aly explains indepthly what an economy of peace looks like, outlines what democracy and peace is,  and discusses the concept of service itself, sharing examples of Servants of Humanity and how we ourselves can give ourselves in service in the 21st century.

For those individuals that dream of changing the world, this is the guide that will get you there; showing you that in order to create change outside of yourself, you must at first create the change within yourself. 

The Initiatory Way to Peace is also available as a book to help those who wish to embark on this journey of self-awareness and self-transformation.

For those wishing to pursue this path of inner transformation, the school also organises trainings and workshops on The Initiatory Way to Peace. Check out our upcoming events or contact us for more information.