No problem can be solved without changing the level of consciousness that created it.


The Premises of University of Non Violence have been set-up by the Cheikh Aly NDAW in 2016

The human ability to learn requires a repetition of the lesson.

Behaviour is learned; if someone is violent today it is because, at every stage of their life, they chose violence as a response to the various challenges they faced. 

Growing up in a society where violence is embedded in all facets of society, it is easy to see how violence and reaction are the ordinary person’s response to challenges.

Based on this statement, the International Sufi School concluded that to change this narrative, we must teach the practice of non-violent alternatives.

The International Sufi School is conscious of the urgent need in our world to change the level of consciousness of people of this time.

This has led to the setting up of the University of Non Violence with a vision to aid in the awakening of human consciousness to non-violence.

This vision is now an actuality, as the University building near the Pout Peace Village in Senegal is in progress.

Its programme of study will be based on the examples of the many Peacemakers, teaching the steps leading to the evolution of non-violence as they experienced and practised it, as well as teachings surrounding the concept of unconditional Love and how it can be used for inner transformation to achieve outer change.

This University, dedicated to the Prophetic Model of non-violence, will welcome people of all faiths and backgrounds to work together, towards an ideal of peace.